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Breakthrough Inertia

Like a sculptor carves magnificence from marble, Breakthrough Inertia chisels hope from despair. Through a thoughtfully designed 12-week curriculum, we reach into the heart of their challenges and help them navigate towards a promising future, where their talents are nurtured and their dreams stand a chance.



With Trap Life Travel, we invite you to witness transformation unfold. Picture a canvas once grey, now splashed with the vibrant hues of Chicago's rich cultural legacy, its fine dining, and unique adventures. This program is a bridge, connecting at-risk youth to a world of grandeur and splendor far removed from the confines of their familiar streets

The 100 Grand program nurtures the budding artist within our youth. We sow the seeds of creativity and watch them blossom into a gallery of artistry, destined for high-end clientele. Through live showcases and digital distribution channels, all supported by a heartwarming touch of old-school customer service, we help them turn passion into profession.


Breakthrough Inertia Day is a symphony of joy, color, and community spirit. Once a year, we transform a park into a playground of opportunities. Contests, giveaways, raffles, food trucks, games, prizes – all unite under the banner of giving back to the youth before the school year commences.


A community center like no other. Here, we forego the predictable focus on athletics, instead fostering a space that resonates with music, art, technology, STEM education, and drone operation. It's an oasis of learning and creativity, a harbor where young minds can explore and thrive.


Become a part of our mission. Stand with us as we break through inertia and transform lives. Your support can weave a tale of change and triumph for our youth.

Join us in our pursuit of change. Extend your hand to hold another, a hand that yearns for support and guidance. Every contribution you make breathes life into our programs and helps us inculcate hope into the hearts of our youth. To donate, visit our fundraising campaigns on

“Breakthrough Inertia has been a game-changer for my son's academics. Previously struggling with low grades and motivation, he's now maintaining a 3.4 GPA. The program's personalized approach and support have boosted his confidence and study skills. I highly recommend Breakthrough Inertia to any parent looking to see their child excel academically.”

Kim Taylor, DE


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